Arthritis: Foot & Ankle Specialist

Dr. Jeffrey  Rosenblatt -  - Board Certified Podiatric Physician

Dr. Jeffrey Rosenblatt

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Arthritis typically occurs with age and causes significant pain and swelling in your feet. That makes daily tasks – even walking – uncomfortable and painful. But renowned podiatrist Dr. Jeffrey Rosenblatt treats chronic arthritis in the feet and ankles to help you manage your activities and relieve pain. If you're in the Metro Tech area of Brooklyn or West Hempstead, New York, call one of his offices or use the online booking agent to get treatment for arthritis pain today.

Arthritis Q & A

How does arthritis affect your feet?

There are 100+ types of arthritis -- which is simply joint inflammation -- many of which affect your feet and ankles. It's caused by compromised connective tissue that occurs with age, autoimmune conditions, or trauma.

Arthritis causes pain when you move your feet or bear weight. It’s especially evident when you participate in vigorous activity. Arthritis can also cause you to experience swelling or warmth in your feet. Walking may be difficult, and pain is often most pronounced after lying down or sitting.

Which arthritis symptoms require podiatric treatment?

Mild pain and aching that’s resolved with modified activity, rest, supportive shoes, and over-the-counter medications may not warrant a visit to the podiatrist. But if you have symptoms of progressing arthritis that interfere with your daily function, make an appointment to see Dr. Rosenblatt. These symptoms include:

  • Swelling in the joints that limits mobility
  • Changes in your skin, such as rashes, nodules, or ulcers
  • Chronic pain and tenderness at a joint
  • Redness or heat around a joint, indicating serious inflammation
  • Limited mobility that negatively affects daily function
  • Severe stiffness in the early morning

How is arthritis diagnosed?

Dr. Rosenblatt carefully reviews your symptoms and medical history to make a diagnosis and subsequently form a treatment plan. He orders imaging tests -- including weight-bearing X-rays -- to evaluate joint involvement and progression of arthritis. He may also order specific blood tests to determine the type of arthritis you have.

How is arthritis of the feet and ankles treated?

Arthritis treatment includes oral anti-inflammatories, braces, canes, immobilization, steroid injections, physical therapy, and orthotics. Dr. Rosenblatt also ensures your shoes offer the proper support and cushioning. He may recommend switching your chosen forms of activity to low-impact sports such as swimming or cycling.

You might need surgery if your activity is severely limited and more conservative treatments fail to relieve your pain. The specific operation you undergo depends on the type and location of your arthritis.

If you have pain in your feet that’s affecting your daily movement, make an appointment with Dr. Jeffrey Rosenblatt to help find relief and get your full foot function back.